Is my Profession my Passion?

Charmie Kapoor
3 min readApr 24, 2024


Seven years ago, I ventured into the world of design, and it quickly became clear that this was more than a career choice — it was my calling. Despite dabbling in other areas like product and business, I find myself continually drawn back to this field.

This reflection is inspired by conversations with professionals who feel they’ve discovered their purpose, as well as my personal journey.

Signs that affirm your profession is more than a job:

Consistent curiosity:

While everyone experiences curiosity from time to time, the key here is the unwavering nature of this curiosity.

You exhibit an unfeigned inclination to stay engaged in your profession beyond the requirements of your job.

Do you find joy in learning and exploring ideas outside of your regular job?

When discussing topics related to your profession, do you feel genuinely excited and eager to share more?

Do you seek to understand the journeys of top professionals and companies in your field?

Inner peace:

You find deep personal satisfaction and peace in your work, driven by an intrinsic motivation that transcends external opinions.

Despite facing challenges, you love putting in the sweat every day because the overall experience is a net positive.

Would you remain committed even if your contributions went unnoticed by the world?

Even if you’re working intensely, do you feel energized and excited rather than drained?

Beyond financial considerations, do you feel a sense of purpose in your work?

Are you proud of what you do, even if others may not fully understand its significance?

Genuine care:

You demonstrate immense thoughtfulness in every aspect of your work, going the extra mile driven by personal fulfillment rather than external recognition.

Do you find yourself prioritizing the finer details of your work without being asked to?

Have you gone against at least one person because you felt strongly about something?

Do you feel dissatisfied when you see gaps in others / your work?

Natural talent alignment:

You can trace back what you do today to your natural talents and aptitudes as a child.

Think about your interactions with friends and the roles you naturally assumed in group activities, when external validation mattered less. For example, if you often planned group events or stuck to schedules as a child, you might have inherent leadership or organizational skills that influence your career.

In childhood, what activities or interests intrigued you the most? What did you find yourself most involved in or passionate about?

How would your friends describe you during your formative years? Were you seen as a leader, organizer, problem-solver, or creative thinker within your social circles?

What types of challenges or tasks sparked joy in you as a child? What did you dislike?

What disagreements or common ground did you share with your parents?

Were you more inclined to follow rules or push boundaries as a child?



Charmie Kapoor

Associate Director of Design, Unacademy • Alum: Harvard, IIT-G • Ex-Microsoft, Dunzo