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We’re on a hunt for a kick-ass UX Designer at Dunzo⚡️

Charmie Kapoor
5 min readFeb 27, 2019
Illustration by Sajid

What’s Dunzo all about?

Dunzo is a technology company, that connects you to the nearest delivery partner, to shop, pick up or deliver products right at your doorstep. Your daily chores, the last minute gift you need to purchase or even picking up your laptop charger left at work — Dunzo gets it all delivered.

At Dunzo, our mission is simple: to be the logistics layer of every city.

UX design touches all parts of Dunzo — we’re equipped to build a design that works for our users, partners and last, but not least, our merchants, both large and small. We’re essentially taking the offline world and translating that to the online world using technology — and we literally build for mini-cities within our app.

We were recently voted #3 on LinkedIn’s Top Startups in India and here’s why. The Dunzo team gets an on-ground opportunity to shape a product for users across cities. It takes a lot of hard work, long hours and sweat, which is why we seek passionate problem solvers, because we hope to solve a tough problem, with the very best of minds.

What’s designing at Dunzo like?

Think of the startup as a new teenage kid on the block who is relishing in the newfound freedom and independence. He’s out on this journey of self-discovery and exploration and wants to try out every trend and fad that exists, in this journey of self-discovery. Similarly, at Dunzo, in our war against exponential growth, we relentlessly aim to test out multiple ideas, experiments and campaigns until we find what works best for our consumers. And yes, we exist in one of the most complex business spaces entailing a three-sided consumer approach consisting of our users, partners, and merchants.

We’re building something that aims to change how people live and get-by their daily lives in a city and you literally have the superpower of designing the daily life of an urbanite.

Designing at this hyper-growth startup is not a cakewalk. Every day comes with its own set of challenges, there will be days where you may not design anything at all and spend your time troubleshooting an issue with the PMs. One afternoon you might find yourself designing in the back of a cab, on another, shooting a video and sometimes actually doing deliveries on the road.

Dunzo user app

You get to build something that’s never been built before and seeing your work have a real-world impact on millions of users, partners and merchants is what Dunzo is about. This not only means parallel projects and tight deadlines, but also tons of coordination and collaboration with teams ranging from engineering and product to marketing, sales, operations, and even the CEO.

It might sound taxing, but all of this becomes worthy when you see little things around you — grandkids teaching their grandparents the app, our delivery partners showing off their swag to their children or a simple appreciation tweet from a happy user at 3 AM. These are experiences each one of us at Dunzo would have had and it goes without saying is definitely the best form of satisfaction one can have.

What problems are we currently tackling?

Illustration by Sajid and Joy

👑 One app to rule ‘em all

We’re on a mission to perfect the blend good UX and psychology to make people’s lives easier. Spanning over eight categories, we want to make Dunzo a part and parcel of everyone’s lives — thereby becoming a habit.

🚀 Bets on the Future

While we wait for someone to build a time machine, Dunzo imagines a world in the future and builds for it today. Could we use voice assistants to place and track orders? What would shopping in a virtual reality environment look like? Can we make payments smooth and seamless?

🇮🇳 Unorganized to organized

We envision a product that works perfectly for someone wanting to start a home business in the midst of a metropolitan city to someone trying to sell coconuts on the streets with limited internet connectivity.

👌 Best experience for our holy trinity

We’re equally obsessive about our partners and merchants as much as we are of our users. A given transaction is considered five-star experience only if it holds true for all three consumers. And how do we ensure that every delivery is a five-star one, is something we’re striving for.

You as a designer will get the opportunity to bring this abstraction to reality.

Core values we live by

Life at Dunzo

1. We’re customer obsessed

Being regular users of Dunzo ourselves, we’re passionate about delivering a great experience to our consumers- users, partners, and merchants. We believe that you can’t create exceptional experiences until you’ve been in the shoes of the user, and performing deliveries on the road, personally tackling support issues and talking with users on a regular basis helps us understand problems from all perspectives.

2. We believe in 100–100

Everyone’s voice matters! We believe in 100–100 ownership, which means that we are collectively responsible for the outcome. If you spot a better way of doing something, you get to work on that project and help better Dunzo. This is what drives us every day and inspires us to do better.

3. In data we trust

At Dunzo, if you don’t have data, you just have an opinion. We make sure that every conversation is data led — be it a new feature, an icon change or a sale campaign. The secret is to test, measure, learn and repeat.

4. We celebrate

We work hard, and party harder. It’s crucial for us to celebrate our wins — generously and together!

Interested? Let’s have a chat.

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If you want to know more about being a designer at Dunzo — reach out at or any of my social media handles! 😄

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Charmie Kapoor

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