Airtime, Palo Alto

Day 1 of the remote internship

With the onset of the virus right before summer, and humans locked down at homes, it seemed that the world was shutting down, one company at a time. Amidst this chaos and uncertainty, there was one domain that was booming. Social media. Now, more than ever, the world was craving human connections and looking for ways to emulate real-life experiences.

Being enthusiastic about this space, and excited to tackle this interesting problem at hand, I decided to spend my summer Airtime — a fast-paced growth-stage silicon valley startup. 🚀

This blog outlines my experience as a first-time product manager, touching…

We’re on a hunt for a kick-ass UX Designer at Dunzo⚡️

Illustration by Sajid

What’s Dunzo all about?

Dunzo is a technology company, that connects you to the nearest delivery partner, to shop, pick up or deliver products right at your doorstep. Your daily chores, the last minute gift you need to purchase or even picking up your laptop charger left at work — Dunzo gets it all delivered.

At Dunzo, our mission is simple: to be the logistics layer of every city.

UX design touches all parts of Dunzo — we’re equipped to build a design that works for our users, partners and last, but not least, our merchants, both large and small. …

Four elementary steps to make web designs more accessible

Some context —

As a UX designer at Microsoft, I had the opportunity to work on Azure- one of the largest cloud computing service in the world. The platform helps building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers, and my team and I were responsible for building the monitoring service within this giant beast.

Planning out the structure to incorporate accessibility guidelines required some researching, brainstorming and a team of enthusiastic PMs, developers and a designer (me). …

The purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors into potential customers. For any website, the landing page is mostly the first thing a visitor sees- so it’s representative of the overall product/company.

There’s always been a lot of dubiety over the ‘ideal’ landing page design, but a good conversion rate depends a great deal on the website’s goals and the audience. Clicks depend on a lot of factors, and vary for different contexts.

So, how do businesses convince visitors to take the plunge on their website? …

Forms are omnipresent on the internet these days. We all come across them, be it before purchasing items, signing up for subscriptions, social networking or joining a discussion forum. It’s hardly an overstatement that they’re an indispensable element for information sharing today.

However, signing up is often perceived as an unavoidable evil for businesses, as maximum drop-offs are witnessed at this page. They’re mostly time consuming, complicated and sometimes get too personal.

Well, let’s see how this humdrum experience can be made more intuitive and effortless for the users.

Before we dive in, I should caveat that while most of…

Charmie Kapoor

Graduate student @Harvard , Co-founder - @Habitwave, @Zaffingo

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